24 March 2010

La La La..... I am back!  Sry people.... Nothing to post......yawn..... gd night..... bye bye!!!

13 January 2010

I feel much better after letting out my steam. Sry readers....about wat I have said yesterday.So Sry.See what  I mean, tomorrow will be a better day! haha! got to go   bye bye

12 January 2010

Idiot teacher!

WTH!!! UNFORTUNATE!!!! I am so unfortunate to have THAT  NEW TEACHER for our co-class parent.So action only teach here for 8 days nia, talk until like  confucious like that.SO kapo!
Wat the hack men! We nvr do duty. The monday and tuesday ppl nvr do duty also no problem. We nvr do duty only scold us like shit! Moreover, I got sweep say I nvr sweep cleanly. Others also nvr do duty. Wat the idiot sia! WTH!IDIOT TEACHER!!!!! " I am the ASSISTANT discipline master for sec 2... I have higher expectations from my class." WTH!!! Instead of becoming better I think we will start to rebel in no time. Thx to our co-class parent. I HATE THE TEACHER MORE THAN I HATE HELL!!!!!!!!HE IS AN IDIOT!!!!CURSE YOU LA!!!!!


03 January 2010

Fisrt Day of School

Today is the first day of school. We've got two new students in our class, Nadiah and Xin Ying. Our class parent is still Miss Marina. The class had a big reaction today when we saw her,  the class went :"Ohhhhh......." Miss Marina, also our maths teacgher, said when she saw opur reaction, she don't know whether to laugh or to cry. haha!!! Our Co- class parent is a new teacher in school, who was also a previous student of Clementi Town, he is Mr Tay also our PE teacher. I am the environment rep once again. Our science teacher is Mdm Sabrina. She looks rather fierce, but she is very cheerful. Our chinese teacher is Ms Eng once again, good news. But she is also the first teacher to give us homework.So bad!!!
Nevermind... tomorrow will be a better day!
Cya tomorrow!!!

15 December 2009

Yawn!..... What a great morning, check out the sunshine, and the cool morning breeze....ah! But it is also the start of another boring day, haiz....Check wats for breakfast,fried economical bee hoon again...... haiz.......but nevermind, there will be a class gathering on the 18/12/09, mjust have to wait till then.Got to see the eye doctor tomorrow, so got to rest more today... bye bye!

07 December 2009

La La La....

gee... thx yun yu! I play until... aiya.. only one word can describe it. 'HORRIBLE!!' I dun think I will pass. The piano exam is much more easier.sooo much more! can only cross my fingers now. la la la .gto to go. now is captains ball traning @ my student care (graduated liao la)!!   Bye Bye

27 November 2009

Upcoming Guzheng Exam

Haiz... I just took my piano exams 10 days ago.... and 2 days later I am going to take another exam... the guzheng exam. I am so worried that I might not pass the exam. I play until wanna die liao how to pass. My teacher still expects me to  pass with  flying colour. Hia... must as well kill me.

17 November 2009

Piano Exam

Today is my piano exam!! I am sooo very excited and nervous... haha.. I am doing my Grade 6 today.

The examiner was a female. I guess she is probably from England.haha.. I can see that she is a very cheerful, a person who is easy going. Although it was an exam, she taught me many things, many secrets to face piano exams.She also cracked jokes to ease the tension.haha... She is very cheerful. haha. I didn't do so well as expected. I think I will fail... I dun want!!!!  I hope to pass..

 Now must practice my Guzheng liao

13 November 2009

The Alumni Dinner

The dinner was GREAT!!! The buffet was delicious.. but somebody said it was HORRIBLE... haha!! LOLZ...We had lots of food like Cereal Prawn, Sweet and Sour Fish, Veggie,Noodles, and many more! The dessert was superb! We had  a Karaoke session too. We sang ,as  6Amethyst'08, Jingle Bells... haha didn't know the Karaoke session of Jingle Bells was sooo long. haha... Suprisingly, we won the consolation prize.. haha...... " I didn't expect us to win! This is all I have to say...." haha Heng Sheng's famous words.. haha! It was a pity some of 6Am'08 didn't come.... Thank You Alumni!! We enjoyed ourselves very much!!!

Woah! Its raining so heavily again!!!

12 November 2009


2 more days to 2 weeks of the End-of-Year School Holidays.

 I went to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve today with 5 of my classmates and 5 teachers. It was a tring loooong walk. I was sweating like mad, Eunice Loh too, when I finally reached the bottom of the hill. haha.

Yay! I look so forward to tomorrow's ex-Kemingnite dinner, how cool, haha!!! I wonder what we will eat? Buffet? Those kind of 8 or 9-dishes dinner? I hope to see all 6 Amethyst'08 tomorrow, but sadly, some of them .... not coming haiz....... so sad... :(

So nervous.. piano exam is just next Wednesday. But I havent  been playing well.... dunno whether will pass or not..... haiz.....

Do you guys have the Macdonalds Monopoly Game piece? I want!!!! I need alot of them.....
I need the following:
-Joo Chiat Road
-Toa Payoh
-Scotts Road
-Tanjong Rhu
-Farrer Road
-Sentosa Cove*

 If have jus leave a comment hor! Thank You!!

06 November 2009

Holidays are here!!! Ole! Aiya... still have holiday homework.. so xian haha we are going to have a cca website. Do go and visit hor! haha I will post again soon..Bye bye!! ^.^

15 October 2009

Yay!! Hurray!!! Exams are all over !!! Yay!!!! Hurray!!! Yipee!!!

I wonder what to take next year for literature mosaic. What about sec 3? What subjects to take??? haha... I know this is too early.. haha.... haiz.... now must take care of music......... Guzheng, Piano. so many!!! But it is ok for me to handle!!! haha!!! :) have to go practice now!! bye bye people!

25 September 2009

Sry people for not posting for such a looong time!!
I dun wan to study anymore!!! So much stress just ecos i didnt do as well as expected!!! Thats not all!! In my secondary sch.... I studied very hard but I jus lost to ****** my classmates you know who, WAT THE ****** no fair she studies normal chinese I study higher chinese the amount of home work, revision time and the time I end sch is totally different.Then my school they count positions, higher chinese students and normal chinese students together, no fair! their work is much more easier!!! WAT IS THIS!!! THERE"S NO JUSTICE!!!!! And jus becos I lose to her, i am banned from practicing my piano and guzheng, no drawing too !! wat is this!!! I drew a small little picture and got a ' good' lashing! NO FAIR!! I only wanted to relax for a little while and she doesnt allow! WATS WRONG WITH EVERYBODY????!!!!! They always scold me for not studying I did! Adults only see the negative side of their children and very seldom see the positive side.. Sometimes when they see the positive side, and praise you, be prepared, something bad is going to happen!! NO FAIR!!!! WHERE IS JUSTICE!!!!!!! WHERE!!! WHERE!!!! WHERE!!! WHERE IS JUSTICE!!!! If only that special someone was here to cheer me up.......

11 August 2009

Happy Birthday Singapore!!!!!

30 July 2009

The new National Day Song is nice..... you see the moon and the stars.... look far how we have come..... I made my own song too listen to this ( its a bit soooo not true la haha i zi lian)

There is a jewel in Singapore
a gem tats actually me...
then skip alot of lines....
you see nina thats me!
look how tall i've grown....


Get well my friends those who are ill...... La La La La get well world get well world nina loves all her good friends and everyone!!!!!

17 July 2009

La La La La........ Its the school days. So many homework!!! Want to die liao.
Thanks to Elaine Chay Jia Min, I got chosen for Environment Rep...
I miss all my Primary school friends especially someone.(Dun ask me who haha u can guess)
I miss their smile and laughter.Haiz.... Must adapt rite? Fine fine fine......I stopped growing already!!! So sad!!!! How can this be??? NOOOO!!!! I am now the same height as Brandon ONg and shorter than Lai Kah Seng!!! HOw can this be???


09 June 2009

Ah! The School holidays are finally here! Although it is the holidays, the teachers dunnoe the meaning of the word holiday and gave us a huge pile of homework so this is like no holiday at all.Mid-year exams are over but my results are not so good.Haiz!

I am so excited and look sooo forward to the oncoming class gathering.I hope to see all my ex-classmates.I can't wait to see XXX especially as I will share my secrets with her/him ... I am soooo excited!I really wish to have a good game of badminton with Elaine or Yan (perhaps). I also wish to have a few games of Majhong with Wei na, Elaine and Jie Lin.

The holidays will be over very soon so I hope to enjoy myself during this time!

The IKEBANA concert is finally over.PHEW! It was a tiring process.So many training...although I didn't perform as well as I should have done, I have already tried my best.The teachers say I didn't play loud enough but if I play any louder the sound would have been wierd.I am so ....what do you call that...so....in a dilemma.But its all over now!


14 May 2009

LA LA LA LA....the mid- year exam is going to end. Tomorrow is the lassssssssst day!!! hooray hooray hooray!!

La La La, I am Mogutou

Oh yeah!!! Hahaha

07 May 2009

Its aural day today....The passage quite hard.So many words I dun noe....
tomorrow is LIT. teacher's B'dae..we sang her a song today

Vesak Day is just round the corner.So,

A HAPPY VESAK DAY TO ALL BHUDDIST(not sure if spelt like that,sry,Eng not so good)

01 May 2009


the exam fever is here!!!!The exams are so difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder how will i ever cope with this.I really wish to see my ex-classmates everyday!

so:clap clap clap applause applause applause support support support
thank you thank you thank you